CMS Captcha

Written in PHP using the GD2 library, CMS Captcha aspires to be the ultimate killer of form bots.  It comes with a selection of 10 fonts and 13 tile patterns for text, backgrounds, and a border to make optical scanning impossible.


  • random or hardcoded font
  • random or hard coded background pattern
  • random or hard coded text pattern
  • configurable random letter rotations
  • confusing characters (ex: O/0, I/1, etc.) disabled by default

Configuration Variables

  • $fontsize – size of font to use
  • $pad – size of the decorative border
  • $maxrot – maximum rotation of characters in either direction
  • $validchars – string of valid characters that may appear in the captcha image
  • $font – path to font (comment out to use random font)
  • $texttileimage &ndash path to tile image for text and border (comment out to use random tile)
  • $bgtileimage &ndash path to tile image for background (comment out to use random tile)
  • $outtype – type of image to send to browser ("png", "jpeg", "gif")

Session Variable

$_SESSION['captchastring'] – In order to verify a user's input, you need to call session_start() and access this variable, which contains the string generated by CMS Captcha.


A live demo is available in the CyberMan Software website.


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